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IntroductionPresident's Greetings and declaration of Reassurance

Message from the President

Wataru Mitsutake, President

Toa Koki celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding in June 2019. This achievement was made possible by the earnest support and guidance of our customers, suppliers,financial institutions, government agencies,and shareholders as well as the diligence and devotion of our employees over the years. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to all of these people.

In order to continue manufacturing quality products that our customers can feel secure in using, we will use as a base the particular technologies and skills we have developed up to now as we continue working to further improve employee training, develop manufacturing technologies, and effectively utilize our equipment not only for ships but also in power generation and other fields. Thank you for your continuous support as we move forward with all of our projects.

Wataru Mitsutake, President
“New Lifestyle” Declaration of Reassurance

We pledge to follow all of the measures listed below:

① Ensure that each person thoroughly abides by basic infection prevention measures

-Avoidance of the three “close” behaviors (close crowding, close contact, enclosed spaces)
-Temperature checks every morning and wearing masks
-Thorough hand washing and sterilization of hands and fingers (hand-washing for 30 seconds)
-Employees must report fever and other symptoms
-Tissues and other garbage containing mucous or saliva are placed in plastic bags which are then securely closed
*When coming into contact with those at high risk of severe cases of the disease (the elderly, those with pre-existing medical
conditions), extra health management efforts are made

② Special measures to ensure safety and assurance
-Sterilization equipment and thermometers at entrances
-Thorough ventilation and sterilization every hour

③ New work practices
-Ventilation and masks during face-to-face meetings
-2 meters of space between people whenever possible (minimum of 1 meter)

④ Restrictions and infection-prevention measures in daily life (to the extent possible)
-Avoiding going out during times of crowding in public
-Leaving space in front and behind when on check-out lines in shops
-Prohibitions on pouring other people’s drinks and multiple people sharing the same drinking glass or sake cup
-Paying close attention to the infection status in local communities and avoiding travel to communities where infection is spreading
・When travel to other prefectures is unavoidable, keeping notes on movements, etc. for future reference if one should become infected

Company Policy

Our company aims to value our customers, business partners, employees, and shareholders, and work with them to ensure increased satisfaction.


1. High-quality, reasonably priced products
2. Strict observance of deadlines
3. Preventing industrial accidents and promoting good health

(as of May 13, 2022)
Company Name TOA KOKI CO.,LTD.
Business Activities 1. Manufacture and sale of internal combustion engine components
2. Manufacture and sale of ship-related machinery & apparatus, general machinery & apparatus, and associated components
3. Manufacture, sale, installation, and repair of machine tools and industrial machinery
4. Business related to solar power generation and the sale of electricity
5. Business activities related to the abovementioned activities
Company Officers
President and Representative Director Wataru Mitsutake
Executive Managing Director Hirofumi Yamamoto
Managing Director, Sales Dept. Takahiro Matsuo
Director, Production Dept. (Omuragata & Yokota Factory) Ryusuke Ogawa
Director, General affairs Dept. Toshihiro Tsuruda
Director, Engineering Dept. and Environment, Health, Safety and Quality assurance Dept. Toshiaki Tanaka
Director Keisaku Ogi
Director Tokioki Aino
Auditor Masafumi Morita
Auditor Yoshinori Yano
Establishment Jun.21,1944
Capital 100 million yen
Total Sales 7.40 billion yen (2021)
Employees 315(284 men, 31 women)
PDF file(Apr,2022)
Headquarters/Tanda factory 1430-30 Yamaura, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1314
Telephone: +81-954-63-3236/fax: +81-954-63-3240
Omuragata Factory 305-2 Furueda, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1321
Telephone: +81-954-63-1303/fax: +81-954-62-1222
Yokota Factory 62-1 Takatsuhara, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1311
Telephone:+81-954-69-0131 / FAX:+81-954-69-0132
Banks The Bank of Saga
Shoko Chukin Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mid-career hire rate for full-time workers 2020 22%
2021 25%
2022 50%


Lines are open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays
[Headquarters/Tanda factory]
1430-30 Yamaura, Kashima, Saga

[Omuragata Factory]
305-2 Furueda, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1321
Telephone: +81-954-63-1303

[Yokota Factory]
62-1 Takatsuhara, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1311