• Large ship

    Our basic philosophy is “Ensuring Satisfaction for All”

    Our goals are technological improvement and customer trust.

  • Sailing

    In Pursuit of Excellence

    Our passion for excellence and careful judgment leads to customer satisfaction.

  • On the ship

    We’re proud to be global leaders

    We satisfy our customers’ needs using cutting-edge technology, the latest equipment, and traditional craftsmanship.

Toa Koki’s Business Activities

  • Product of the world top class

    World-class products

    The first small Toa Koki Factory was founded in the former castle town of Kashima City, Saga Prefecture during World War II. The company overcame the hardships of war and the subsequent economic turmoil and finally established itself as a manufacturer of ship components that was able to provide support to the shipping industry both in Japan and overseas. One of its major products is large cylinder liners for diesel engines, which enjoy the largest share of the global market.

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  • Sophisticated technology

    Sophisticated technology

    The main parts of diesel engine components are made of high-quality cast metal that demands the highest quality and precision. Thus, the manufacture of these products requires sophisticated technology and skill as well as quality management systems such as ISO 9001. The following is a description of some of the technological skills we have developed over the years.

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  • Feelings to environment protection

    Our concept of environmental conservation

    Toa Koki’s operations are conducted in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management systems in order to provide satisfaction to customers and promote environmental conservation activities as a global corporation.

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  • Contribution to an area

    Contributions to local communities

    What kind of company is Toa Koki? This website provides easy-to-understand answers to that question. We also conduct tours of our factory for corporations and groups.

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